Small Business Inventory Control inventory software has plenty of features to help you keep track of your inventory, including serial number control, the ability to view inventory in real time and the ability to use barcode scanning to enter items into your inventory.

This inventory software allows you to use a barcode scanner to import products into your inventory database. Once there, you have the ability to view items by location or category. Having these options available is important when you run out of something at one location. You may have a different brand name that a customer would choose instead, or you may have the exact product they are looking for at another location.

This inventory software also comes equipped with an inventory planning system. This will help you manage the items you sell on a consistent basis and allow you to plan for more sales, while at the same time showing you which items are not selling as well and do not need to be reordered. Furthermore, this inventory software comes with the ability to view your inventory by items received, allowing you to stay on top of the game.

When it comes to entering all of your new product stock, do not worry; this inventory software has the ability to read barcodes. Simply scan your new items and they are automatically added to your inventory count. You can also track your stock by lot or serial number with this inventory software.

Another great feature of this inventory management system is the ability to configure sales tax. Simply enter the data regarding your current tax percentage and this application will do the work for you. By using this inventory management system, you also have the ability to create and send purchase orders to vendors and clients. If you have recurring orders that you are always concerned with, let Small Business Inventory Control take over that task. This inventory software can be set up to automatically prepare purchase orders on the date you set. The only thing you will have to worry about is having the order picked and shipped.

Using this inventory software to keep track of your client and vendor database is a breeze. Along with safely storing all this information, you can print mailing labels, creating less work when it comes to sending invoices. You also have the ability to view customer balances, payments and see an analysis of their sales history.

We found this inventory management software simple to use. It offers easy-to-view and understand icons on the left side of the screen that take you to whichever section you need to work in. The software has separate icons for inventory, purchasing, sales and administration. There is a snapshot of your inventory located in the inventory section that includes the number of different SKUs you have, the number of manufacturers you work with and more.

When it comes to help and support, this inventory software allows you to join discussion groups, where you can gain insight and information from other users. The company also offers an email address and list of FAQs on their website.

Small Business Inventory Control Summary:

Small Business Inventory Control software is a nice product that will help any small business owner take control of their inventory management. Because it offers barcode scanning, it allows you to become more efficient at running your business.

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Small Business Inventory Control 7.X Standard

Small Business Inventory Control allows you to view non-depleting items.

It does now allow you to customize reports.

The Verdict:

This software is good for those who assemble products before selling them.